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TBR is looking for the 43rd Board of Governors for the new academic year 2020-2021

Ten Behoeve van Rechtenstudenten is the political study association of the Faculty of Law and has represented the interests of all law students at the University of Groningen for more than 40 years. The board is responsible for the association in general and is the helping hand of the political group.

Do you want to develop your teamwork and communication skills and expand your social network? A board year is the ideal opportunity to develop yourself and get the most out of your student life. We are looking for people for the following positions: chairman, treasurer and a secretary.

Are you interested in an administrative year at TBR? Send your CV and motivation letter before 6 December 23:59 to! If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail or contact the current board members on Facebook.


The chairman is the face and point of contact of the association to the inside and outside. He or she is responsible for the implementation of the policy plan of the association and leads the general meetings, the board meetings and the monthly meetings. The chairman takes initiatives and coordinates the execution of the board tasks. He or she is also the linchpin between the board and the political group. The chairman also participates in the meetings of the Groningen Presidents' Meeting.

Would you like to hold the position of secretary within the 43rd Board of TBR? As secretary you keep the administration of the whole association. For example, you write the monthly newsletter, keep track of the membership file, send invitations to meetings and take notes during the board, monthly and general member meetings.

The treasurer of the board occupies an important position. He/she determines, in cooperation with fellow board members, the financial policy of the association and ensures that it remains healthy. You are responsible for a balanced budget, collecting contributions, applying for subsidies and drawing up various profit and loss accounts. As treasurer you have a great responsibility, but the satisfaction you can get out of your job is all the greater!