Integration | Election Program 2023-2024

The Faculty of Law is a modern and internationally oriented institution. Therefore, it looks forward to the arrival of international students every academic year. TBR wants to contribute to the integration of these students so that they feel welcome at our faculty.

At the beginning of the academic year, TBR would like to organize a festive introduction to our faculty for all new national and international students. This will give national and international students a chance to get to know each other and get acquainted with the faculty. Also, TBR feels it is important for the faculty to inform international students in September about where to go when they encounter something. The Faculty of Law attracts new students from home and abroad every year. Because of their education at our law faculty, they want to live in or around Groningen. TBR points out that they encounter housing problems and advocates good cooperation between all parties involved in student housing to find a solution.


  • Festive introduction for international students;
  • Better inform international students at the beginning of the year;
  • Consulting with all housing parties to ensure better housing.

Integration | Election Program 2022-2023

TBR recognises and acknowledges that it is a big step to study in another country and that it is difficult to build up from scratch. For this reason, TBR advocates the establishment of a buddy system in which a Dutch senior student would show a group of international students around Groningen and the faculty for a year. This student can tell the students where to go if they run into problems.

In addition, there is an annual problem of housing for international students. TBR wants to look at the possibilities with regard to housing and discuss this with the faculty board.


  • Buddy system with a Dutch student;
  • Raising housing issues with the faculty board;
  • Promote integration by encouraging mixed activities.