The 45th group

TBR is proud to present its 45th group! The group will be dealing with major issues and topics in the coming year. After more than two years, it is time to fully resume daily life. This leads to many big issues falling together. Therefore, the group is committed to safety, student welfare, the quality of education, sustainability and internationalization. Of course, TBR also remains committed to the active student!

Our group members would like to introduce themselves to you. In the coming year, they plan to engage with students to better understand their needs. Click on the image to get to know them better!


1. Sander van den Tillaard

Master - Dutch Law, specialisation criminal law
Lidewij Gardenwood-1

2. Lidewij Gardenwood

Bachelor - International and European Law

3. Nan Veninga

Bachelor - Notarial Law

4. Eva Valesova

Bachelor - International and European Law

5. Quincy Veltmaat

Master - Dutch Law, specialisations in company law, employment law, criminal law and private law

6. Sanne Breimer

Bachelor - IT Law