Student Welfare | Election Program 2023-2024

Good health is important to perform well. For us students, mental health is an important part of this. In order to study optimally at the University of Groningen, Ten Behoeve of Law Students is committed to the well-being of all students. With this we hope to achieve that you get everything out of yourselves and your student time.

We want to achieve this goal by giving you an active voice. To effect real change, students must be heard. Open conversations between students and faculty at meetings where we get to know each other's views and interests. This way we can formulate common goals. In addition, TBR wants first-year students to be well guided at the start of their studies. You have to learn to study, and TBR wants to help you with that. We want to do this by connecting enthusiastic and experienced senior students to a group of freshmen. The first-year students can come to them with all their questions, so that everyone quickly feels at home at the RUG. This way the study can get off to a good start right away.

Finally, we want you to always be able to contact a student advisor or psychologist, if necessary. There are plenty of resources available at the university, but TBR would like to see their use and findability improved. Students experience more and more stress in recent years. A good network, a safe start and access to help, makes the RUG a trusted place where you can focus on your future in peace.


  • Active voice in Faculty Council;
  • Open conversations between students and teachers;
  • Pairing senior students with first-year students;
  • Adequate capacity psychologists and study counseling.

Student Welfare | Election Program 2022-2023

The past two years have been very difficult for the students and teachers of our faculty. Shocking figures have come out about the welfare of our students. More than ever, we need each other and that is why it is important that we look out for each other. That is why TBR is going to look into the possibility of organising meetings to talk to each other; not only about how things are going, but also about points for improvement and problems that occur at the faculty. TBR finds it important that students are heard. Therefore, we want to give students a voice and let them participate in discussing possible problems and their solutions.

In addition, TBR believes it is important that we have a good idea of what is going on among first-year students. That is why we want to take a close look at the content of the study start-up groups, improve them if necessary and supplement them with subjects that first-year students come up against and need extra help with. TBR will also propose a one-year buddy system , in which senior students are paired with first-year students who need it. These experienced students can help the first-year students with problems they run into.

Finally, it is very important to investigate the queues and the capacity of student psychologists . TBR has received many signals that these queues are often too long and that help is hard to come by. It is important that our students feel seen and get the help they need.


  • Organising meetings on student welfare;
  • Buddy system for first-year students;
  • Look at the queues and capacity of the student psychologists.